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About Diane 


I am a lifelong New Yorker, a practicing psychoanalyst, and mixed media collage artist. I now split my time between New York and Florida. I have been studying mixed media at The Art Students League of New York, under the guidance of Mariano Del Rosario, and privately with Giuseppe LaSalle and Arthur Sarnoff.

My art encompasses combinations of mediums creating an assemblage of paint, resin, and handmade paper. The substrates for art pieces are wood panels, canvas, and archival multimedia boards. The pieces incorporate a wide variety of materials;vintage book pages, mica, glass, found objects, embellishments with charcoal, ink, pen, paper transfer processes, painting, and/or drawing. 


I channel my artwork without preconceived thought, or knowing how or where it will go. It’s a mysterious process and feels like I am moving through AN unconscious mind state. It often feels like sifting through my own, or others’ journeys and emotions. It is a cathartic zen like experience. 

My artwork has been exhibited at the Phylis Harriman Gallery in Manhattan, NY, The MAG Gallery in Larchmont, NY, The Riverfront Gallery in Yonkers, NY, and The Sea Ranch Gallery in Boca Raton, FL. Additionally, my artwork is mindfully placed with friends and family, in CA, CO, NYC, LI, FL, MA, etc.


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